Chaya Mushka Children’s House – Elementary/Middle School

The Chaya Mushka Children’s House (CMCH) is a progressive Jewish Montessori school located in Sandy Springs of Greater Atlanta, Georgia. As a Chabad Community School, we welcome every child with the understanding that all children are a unique blessing to our community and essential to our world.

Is CMCH the right school for you?

Consider the following;

Do you want a school that excels in…..

  • Teaching every child, on his/her level.
  • Encouraging students to make their own learning choices, within guided parameters.
  • Learning through experiential opportunities
  • Learning through discovery
  • Infusing children with an appreciation for learning
  • Blended learning, Parent partnership, Formative Assessment, STEM education and much more….

If these are important factors for you, then CMCH is the right school for you.

These, above mentioned, concepts are integral parts of Montessori education as well as Chabad philosophy. CMCH is uniquely positioned, as a Chabad Montessori School, to be able to implement these important educational modalities.

To find out more on how CMCH implements these objectives please schedule your visit to the school by clicking here.