Parsha with Papas

An amazing success  – quality time with dads, learning the parsha from sensory stations:

From Noah’s flood waters where children splashed in the water table with noah’s ark – and helped “animals” get to safety

Building Noah’s ark  using wooden blocks, real nails and hammers –  safety first! The kids wore construction hats and set up safety cones 

Hospitality in Avraham’s and Sara’s tent –  where the children enjoyed yummy snacks with their papas

Welcoming station – to remind us of Avraham’s love of welcoming guests students decorated frames with welcome letters to their papas

Creation cookie station –  children made cookies of noah’s animals, the ark, and more

Lech Lecha Station – where children were reminded of Hashem’s promise to Abraham that his children would be as plentiful as the stars and sand by making star shaped sand art

Playball station – Children went through 10 challenges to symbolize the 10 challenges Hashem gave Avraham.